Because I wonder as I wander. 

Beauty glimpsed burns to be shared. I'm may not be a professional photographer, but I'm a dedicated idealist and a restless wanderer who sometimes encounters the sort of moments that 'set the sight on fire'. I'm with the good poetess Elizaeth (Barret Browning): 'earth's crammed with heaven' and it glimmers up even amidst the ruins of life in a fallen world and reminds us to keep watching for redemption. Sometimes the world just shimmers with laughter or aches with a stormy hope and for a minute, I can almost touch the healed world that's on its way. How can I keep those moments to myself?

And how can I resist adding a bit of music to each gallery to set the mood?

I can't. So, enjoy. And one of these days, when I'm not writing a book or nursing a baby, I might even make a collection of these prints with quotes I deeply love. For the moment though, take a wander here. It seemed a pity not to share.

(All images © 2007-2018 Sarah Clarkson. Please don't use these images without permission.)


Autumn in Oxford


The Isle of Skye


Oxford in Many Moods

Cups & Books (they go together)