I’m a regular guest on a variety of podcasts including my lovely mom’s, At Home with Sally, and my brilliant sister’s, Speaking of Joy. I update this page regularly with my most recent conversations about books, beauty, arts, or theology. Take a look… and a listen!

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:: The Celtic Way - feat. Sarah Clarkson

Joy and I discuss our love for Celtic prayer, music, and story. This was pure delight as we both got to enthuse about the beauty and mystery, the sorrow and hope so richly a part of the music, art, and spirituality we both love.


:: Episode #195: How Tolkien Saved Sarah's Faith

Stories teach us how to wrestle well with suffering. In this episode I discuss the power of narrative to speak into the brokenness of human existence offering the forward motion of action, creativity, and hope.


:: Episode #194: Book Girl: Shaping Your Life's Story, Imagination & Choices with Sarah

In this episode I explore the power of narrative and language to shape our identity, our desires, and our sense of hope. To read a story is to begin the journey toward recognizing the narrative nature of our own existence and becoming an agent in forming it.


:: Episode #193: Becoming A Book Girl with Sarah & Sally

In this episode, I got to introduce my upcoming book Book Girl: A Journey Through the Treasures and Transforming Power of the Reading Life, read aloud from the intro I wrote about reading to my unborn Lilian, and laugh with my mom about the gifts and grace of a reading life. 

::  Episode #94: A Heart for Reading {and Music}

In this episode, my mom and I discussed the way that stories form the moral imagination and broaden our capacity to understand the world. 


::  Episode #102B: Celebrating the Table With Kristen, Sarah and Joy

In this episode Joy and I chatted with my mom about the traditions and gifts that came to us as we shared life round the family table.