Sarah Wonders

In which I muse on my reading adventures, share a few quotes, and wonder at the glories of life as viewed from the front window of my red-doored cottage in Oxford.

Beginning soon...

I'll be hosting a regular podcast on all things bookish, many things Oxford, and whatever else catches my wondering eye. I'll be doing it as a feature on my mom's lovely podcast At Home with Sally, and look so forward to taking part in all that she is creating and in sharing the conversation from time to time.  For the moment, here are a couple of recent podcasts I did with my mom. More coming soon.

::  Episode #94: A Heart for Reading {and Music}

In this episode, my mom and I discussed the way that stories form the moral imagination and broaden our capacity to understand the world. 


::  Episode #102B: Celebrating the Table With Kristen, Sarah and Joy

In this episode Joy and I chatted with my mom about the traditions and gifts that came to us as we shared life round the family table.