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A new house... your thoughts?

I've been playing with an idea for the last week or so and I'm curious what you think. Once in awhile, you write something, and then you go back a bit later and realize how vastly more true it was than you even originally thought. That's how I felt once I looked back at the welcome post to this new bit of blogspace, describing this blog as a house. The idea of this place as a house you enter in which fellowship and ideas and griefs are shared captivates me. So I am thinking of shaping this blog a bit more literally as a house or maybe, a cottage.

Different rooms will be different  pages, designed to have pictures that reflect the room you're visiting. You could "walk" through different rooms of the house, see what's going on. Blog posts would be filed/categorized according to room. I might give my little place a name. Houses ought always to be named. If you have ever read a good story, or talked with Anne of Green Gables or really, Dickens (Bleak House, for instance), you know this. If you have any ideas, do share. (The "Life House" thing is a stop gap. And for those who read this post earlier, I took down my experiment of "Lark Cottage" because I'm not quite ready to commit.)

The different rooms will reflect different rooms of soul. The library, well, book reviews and learning and thinking, of course. The kitchen table, the hodgepodge glory of mundane life and the million thoughts that flow from it. The fireside, the shadow dappled place where deep contemplations are grown up out of the soul. The great hall (oh yes, my cottage, however tiny, will definitely have a great hall for feasts and dancing), a place for the recording of festal days, friends, celebration, stories. Maybe I'll name that one the "Hall of Fire" after Rivendell. And then, the front porch, or entry way, basically, the in between place where the outside wind blows in with news of the world, and you can see the hills and the road running back to the battle, the place where plans are made, where travelers set out, and refugees come in.

In part, this idea comes from my dream of an actual, physical such house. To invite people in is something I have always wanted to do, and if you stumble across this blog, I love the idea that you could feel you had come into a real (more or less) place. A house in which a life that is thoroughly alive to truth, beauty, and goodness, is guarded and nurtured. But also a place where great plans and journeys are begun for the helping of all the lost ones still out in the storm. I hope with all my heart to create such a real house one day, and this is, in a way, a possible beginning.

So. Confusing? Inviting? Odd? Good? What do you think?