Thoroughly Alive

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Climate Hopping

I'm procrastinating. I have a chocolate cappuccino at my elbow, the buzz of evening coffee housers in my ears, and two hours of journals and books at my corner table all to myself. All this is possible because I am ignoring the fact that I ought to be packing for my California trip tomorrow. Surely thinking, reading, is more important than mere laundry and suitcases. Don't tell me if you disagree. Maybe I can blame it on the strange things that climate and time-zone hopping does to your brain. Grand Rapids was last weekend, and my goodness it's cold up there. But as warm-hearted a conference as I've ever attended. I spoke on my new book and stayed with a family that reminded me almost exactly of my own when we were all little (noisy, bookish, talkative, crazy, and fun!). Now for California.

When you only have three days between trips, life feels a little open ended, days get blurry. There's no set schedule, no mental black line of expectation framing in the hours of your day. I sort of drift through these interim spaces at home. I write, blog, get up to Yorkshire tea in the morning and my quiet time, then meander into whatever rest and richness I can find.

Walking helps. The steps and fresh air form a sort of beat that gets me feeling rhythmic about my life again. There's the added novelty of my new practice of walking with a camera. I'm determined to become an accomplished photographer. This is a very new decision. I've just started saving up my pennies for an SLR digital camera, but I'm practicing in the meantime on my trusty little point and shoot. If any of you have brilliant photographic tips, I'm all ears. For now, here's what I've seen of late in my meandering:

Rivers in our streets.

Wintered branches give me goosebumps

I have always loved wheaten colored grass in winter. I don't know why.

In case you were wondering, I do still think the spots, the instants of great beauty are thin places in life too. Maybe not as common as the struggleish ones, but still worth looking for every single day. I'm sure you weren't worried, but I am determined as ever to celebrate every jot of the feast that is life. It's all the brighter for being loved even in the shadows. This is a deeply random post. Oh well. I'm finishing this up at home and now I have to pack. Wish me luck.