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Welcome home.

This is my new bit of earth in the online universe. I am so glad you are here. I was riffling through my prayer book looking for some soulish sort of  house blessing as the first official post for this blog. You see, in my mind, my blog is my cottage. It's the mental shape of something I'm actively hoping toward in my life, a home of my own that will be a shelter, a small, earthy refuge that houses beauty and keeps those who are windblown in soul. For the moment, it exists only in the virtual world. It's as good a place as any to start. Homes start in the mind and soul anyway.

So welcome to the house of my mind. This is a hearth fire and fresh bread sort of place. It's a linger in the dusk light with a cup of coffee and hear the chink and tap of a feast in the making as the music it is. It's a place where silence can come and sit long beside you. This is a refuge. A home of eaves that shelter and rooms that draw one deep into their nooks. Life is loved here. The smallest scrap of everyday work gets, as often as possible, the long sort of look that sees its wonder. Each penny's worth of beauty found is counted a treasure.

But this is also a house where I keep the windows open so we can watch the storms roll in. The music and grief of the outer world is heard here. Plans are formed by the hearthside for the comfort and help of many. This is a place where you get strong so you can stride out the door and enter the fray and the love and the work of the world again.

So. With all that in mind, I sorta spliced myself together a house blessing:

May all be welcome here. Friend and stranger, from near and far. There is a friend's love in the gentle heart of the Savior. For love of him I offer friendship and welcome every guest. Seeing a stranger approach, I would put food in the eating place, Drink in the drinking place, Music in the listening place, And look with joy for the blessing of God. Peace be here in the name of the King of life, The peace of Christ above all peace. Courage be at each going out. Rest be at each return. Christ in our coming and in our leaving. The Door and the Keeper for ever and always. Amen

So, welcome! I hope you will come again and again.

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