Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...



I think I need a badge saying I Survived the Great Volcano Debacle of 2010, even if I only had a four hour flight delay. It still felt historic and rather adventurous. I write in a slight haze of jetlag from the Frankfurt airport. We have one more flight, two more trains, and about a mile to walk before we can crash in our hotel tonight. But since I met up with my brother Joel in Boston, we're having a grand old time, drinking as much coffee as we can get our hands on, and savoring the catching up that comes of three months apart. The flight out, however delayed, was gorgeous last night. To cruise up through a sunset sky, with city lights in a checkerboard beneath you is a sight to be remembered. We lifted off just at dusk, with storm in a navy bank on two sides, and one clear shaft of sky between. The full-blooded city light was in a red pulse on the horizon, we climbed up through diamond-lighted towers, and came straight into a wet, royal blue bowl of night sky with the evening star sitting like a jewel on its rim.

This is a rare trip in that its pure vacation. It's off to a lovely start. Cheers for a lovely Sunday to you all!