Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


Details, details!

Detail the first: do you know how much you hearten me? Your comments on the last post were cool cordial to a thirsty writer's soul. However, if in checking back to that post you observe that all the comments have disappeared, well. As with so many endeavors, a bid for simplification got complicated. I am trying to set up comments so that people can receive follow ups if they want, and I can reply back to them a little easier (imagine that!). I have all the old comments safe, just stymied as to how to get them to come back. I shall figure this out in the very near future. Detail the second; I forgot to mention last week that I had a post up at The Rabbit Room. It's called Lessons in Shared Dreaming.

Third, I have decided to begin the slow, arduous, but rather enjoyable task of summing up some reviewish thoughts on the books I have read. I find this to be a good discipline anyway as I usually devour stories and then wish I had time to consider them in far more depth. I'm going to use Goodreads for this. I'll post reviews here too, but all will be archived in the Goodreads stuff. So friend me if you like - I'd love to carry on bookish conversations and hear your thoughts on the books you read as well. As part of this, I'm converting the "Library" section into a Goodreads montage. Click on a book to see my review. (Well, eventually. It will take awhile to review all those books.)

And last. A good storm terrifying the eastern sky just as dusk closes in for a kiss is one of my favorite sights in the world. You might like it too.