Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


This good day

Today, there is air like cold water and sun like gold dust amidst it. Today, the leaves reveal their fiery hearts and line the trees like soldiers ready to fight the wind, and die.

Today, music is a lilting cry that sings what I can't speak.

Today, the twist of branch and gem of berries twine round a fat candle that tilts and gutters next to the open window.

Today, the world outside is a jewel-bescattered kingdom and my walk amidst it is a hunting of treasure.

Today, the rule of living is hot drinks unnumbered and long books begun and joy picked up like a penny from the sidewalk of these autumn days.

Today, I will start The Lord of the Rings all over again.

Today, I know that God is present before me to be taken in my hands. Decisions are illusive - they can always flit one more day ahead.  But the grace of today can make me strong. I am shored up by awareness of this settling season, as people and trees buckle down to face winter but do it with bright eyes and laughing hearts. Sometimes warmth is the sweeter because you have to fight the cold.

Today, I realize that beauty is the way I take hold of God. These small, strange gifts of leaf and flame and tea and story and sky, are the literal, physical hands God reaches down for me to hold. And I do. I put my small hand into their cupped, protective grace. And even amidst this unsure time, with shadow obscuring the road ahead, for now, I rest. And I am held.