Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


On the road again...

Well everyone, the adventure begins! I feel just like Frodo. The yen to travel, to walk new roads, and fly up new highways just as the sun rises always comes strongest to me in autumn. As if the change in the air called for a change in my view of the world. I am so excited to be stopping at a few of your homes, the conversations promise to be delightful, and for those I can't meet this time, we'll plan for a future visit and cup of tea. I plan to take pictures. To contemplate my journey. And tell at least a few of the stories here. So I'll be back soon, reporting from the wandering road. For now, I leave you with the stirring, adventure-inspiring words of Tennyson:

Push off! And sitting well in order,

Smite the sounding furrows, for my purpose holds,

To sail beyond the sunset and the baths,

Of all the western stars until I die...

It'll be eastern stars for me, but sunset, here I come!