Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


Who am I?

Inspired by an application essay prompt. Gypsy-souled girl in a little blue car, I wander, not lost, and chase down the stars, Like Ulysses, who sailed past the sunset’s sheer bars, To strive after courage, and noble work done, Just so do I journey, though I’ve just begun This quest for my tale, and the self I’ll become; On to adventure I charge.

First, I travel; my classroom the winsome earth, Teeming with color, with music, alluring Me onward, to savor, to wonder, to learn. Fifteen countries I count in my wandering ways, In each land, Beauty laughs with a different face, Foreign feasts and new friendships pepper my days, With the spice of a varied world.

Then I read; down the wild ways of legend I roam, Or stroll through the hedgerows of Victorian prose, Through forests of faerie, or wind-tossed poems, I travel, a pilgrim, in quest for the grace Of illumined truth, for a knowledge to blaze A path onward to wisdom, a high road to take, As I search for my heart’s true home.

My quarry is story, both written and lived, The epic tale, and the epic friend, Keen eyes to see life as a story I give To my world; by my love, by my work, and the fight, For beauty in action, for kindness to brighten Each hour till day sets, and just like Ulysses, I Sail to a glorious end.

Sarah Clarkson3 Comments