Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


From the airport...

In the past five days I have completed my book (and met the deadline), filed my taxes, finished every possible last ounce of paperwork needed for my college applications, traveled to and from CA and given a talk on being thoroughly alive. I've also eaten Cuban food with beloved friends, walked Laguna beach, poked at an anemone, and sung at the top of my lungs. All of which leaves me glad and exhausted and definitely without a sentence to string coherently together. So instead, I offer a rather humorous quip I found this morning as I was poking about in search of literary comfort. This from my oh-so-beloved Elizabeth Goudge:

"Humanity can be roughly divided into three sorts of people - those who find comfort in literature, those who find comfort in personal adornment, and those who find comfort in food."

This really tickled me. I think I fit all three categories, though I proved her point by turning to a book for comfort for my ragged brain. What sort are you?

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