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Songs from the Road

I don't think I will ever manage to strike the balance between regular blogging and the mental absorption of a traveling life. Nor will I ever escape the introvert's instinctive withdrawal from everything when deadlines, people, and life in general require just a bit more of me than I can manage. I do apologize. However, I can pretty much promise that I will always show up here again, even after a prolonged disappearance. This is the odd thing; though travel exhausts my words and bones, it offers a strange separation from the rounds of everyday life. In the humming hush of plane hours, or the dawnlit drives to the airport, I often find unexpected freedom to think, dream, and ponder what it is that keeps my heart in life. At the end of it, I always want to write and so I always come back here, to my journal, and to all the half-finished drafts of the books I am writing.

I'm still cobbling together a few of my more persistent thoughts from this year's round of adventuring, so I thought I'd just share with you a few of the classical musical pieces that have piqued my imagination and nourished my heart even amidst the craziness of travel. Often, I am too tired to read much, and I have an abundance of car and plane time, so music becomes my daily heart and soul bread. Beauty in general is a theme that pushes strongly into my thoughts this year, and the works below have all deepened my insight into what it is about great loveliness that offers such hope to the human heart.

1. Lux Aeterna: Introitus, by Lauridsen

2. Tenebrae, by Osvaldo Golijov

3. The Lark Ascending, by Ralph Vaughn Williams Part One Part Two

I hope these nourish your soul as much as they did mine.

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