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Hurrah for the Rabbit Room!

I just had to let you all in on the celebration today. One of my favorite blogs in all the world, The Rabbit Room, unveiled their new site this morning. Brimming with light and space, new ways to connect and imagine, and the pin-point beauty of a well-designed blog, it's even more fully the expression of artistic excellence that it has always been. I am highly honored (and tickled pink as a tiny child) to now be an "official" contributor to the Rabbit Room. Yup, I even get my little picture up there in the side bar. I couldn't be gladder because this is a place that has fed my soul for many years and I am thrilled to offer a bit of sustenance from time-to-time myself.

It's rare, I think, for any online gathering-place to cultivate the sort of heartfelt, hearty, and soul-deep conversation around which actual community can grow. Harder still, to actually form friendships in a place that doesn't exist in the "real world." But with a merry mix of profound contemplations, Lewisian humor, and a sacred love for all that's beautiful and bringing beauty to the world, the Rabbit Room has created a place that feels a little like stepping into your best friend's home. The friendships formed are real because this is a place where truth is spoken with a chuckle and a touch of love. It's a sacred space where the deep hopes and knowings we all mull daily in our souls are named and discussed. And hey, if you ever attend Hutchmoot, you actually can experience this community in the touch and see world.

So, hurrah for The Rabbit Room. I hope you will all take a peek into this lively new world.