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Tiny Wonders

Well, this regular writing thing is going bumpily. I should never make absolute statements in July. Summer always confounds me. And this particular last two weeks has been a bit crazy with my brother Joel packing up to move to LA, and plans getting in place for the fall, and projects getting finished. Of course, all these last minute details must be taken care of with Joel (small things, like buying cars) and last minute memories must be made. Summer day rambles and evening forays to the ice cream shop at the lake do sometimes trump writing goals.

I haven't had a lot of time for long, long thoughts these days, but I have been gathering memories and beauties by the handful and that reminded me of something I've wanted to blog about for awhile: my wall of small wonders. I have always been a keeper of little beauties. Postcards, a note from a friend, photos of favorite outings, ticket stubs to particularly meaningful concerts or movies or underground adventures - all these accumulated in a box I kept for scraps of memory.

But then I encountered the magnificent bulletin board of my friend Andrew Price (over at Foolish Knight). During a long visit to his family, I got to behold his wall-size board of art and prints, pictures and scraps, quotes and cards. A jigsaw, puzzle-pieced tapestry of memories that told the story of his loves, his wonders, his life. I decided to start my own, and over the years it has steadily grown in size, but also in value to me. I love that one space on my walls where the memories of trips and friends and beauties found collect in a vivid collage. Take a look:

There is great value in keeping hold of the lovely in life. Of marking each memory, of keeping tiny beauties as reminders of the joy that has come, the adventure that will come again. I've decided that whatever home I have in future, apartment, cottage, house, whatever, I will have a wall of wonder. I'll fill it as I always have with memories, photos, little beauties. But I'll also invite my friends to bring an occasional contribution themselves. Leave a mark of their beloved presence. Remind me of the joy we shared.

How do you collect small wonders? I'd love to hear!

Okay, I'm off to make brownies for the roadtrip my siblings will begin at the grey hour in the wee sma's tomorrow morning. I've got miles to go before I sleep. And a few more memories (and meals) to make. Happy summer day to you friends.