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From the whirlwind...

Well this has been one wild ride of a summer. And this is going to be one newsy bluster of a post. First, the news of my life: I am leaving today to spend three months working in the wilds of the Colorado mountains. The lovely part is that I get to do it as a mentor at a semester long academic/worldview/theology program as part of a community of professors, mentors, and students. We'll be in a lodge nestled in the southern hills, with very little internet (once a week or so, thus you may see posts every so often) and tons of study and thinking to do and long hikes to take and aspens to see. I am so excited to read and think, to love the people I'll be living with, and spend my autumn in a fullness of beauty and fellowship.

Part of the craziness of my summer was the passing of my sweet grandmother. Mimi has been sick for a long time, so it was expected, but of course, is a sadness to my heart. Joy and I took a sudden roadtrip to the funeral (22 hours of driving in a trip that lasted a total of 40 hours) and my mom and Joel stayed longer to organize my grandmother's things. Being with family is always a good thing, a right thing, no matter how much time has gone in between and I was so glad to be able to be at the funeral. My grandmother loved life and loved her family - she was a maker of brownies and lover of butter pecan ice cream and she once spent an entire car trip teaching me the harmony to a darling old WWII love song. I miss her.

I have a lot I want to write about and just have not been able to amidst the summer. I am actually hoping that my fall away will give me some time to flesh out the ideas and stories that are in my heart. This has been a year of real upsetting of expectations and plans for me. As you probably noticed, I'm not going to college, even after all the excitement and tests and applications last year. God has closed many doors and changed many plans. But I have clearer eyes and am beginning to see with what grace I have been held and led. At some point in the next few weeks, I'll post a little more about the journey of this time, and the truths I am finally beginning to understand.

I have actually prayed this year for time in the wilderness, for time away in which to write, love, and think, and this mountain time is an unexpected answer. So, we'll see what writing comes out of the wilderness. I won't be posting often, and will have internet only once a week. This really is the autumn of my disconnect and I am embracing it. I can't answer many emails any way and am so glad to relearn what it means to be utterly still. But I must admit, the creative possibility of this time excites me. I am withdrawing from some of my usual work and writing, and feel that this promises to be a time in which quiet and calm might just free some of the thoughts I've been hoarding away for a restful day.

So, there's the bluster of news. Today, wish me luck as I cram Gypsy (my car) with more stuff than is really reasonable and head south and up, up, up into the gorgeous mountains. I'll be listening to Rich Mullins (he is my mountain soundtrack, always), Alexandre Desplat, and a new book on tape. I'll greet you next from the wilderness. I hope your summer was blessed and that your autumn is full of grace.

Love from your gypsy-hearted friend.



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