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New book on its way.

After many an edit and tweak, my new book is almost done. I had to show you the cover. Isn't it a beauty? Here's the catalogue description:

I first wrote this devotional when I was just out of high school, hungry for spiritual input, and frustrated that there were so few Bible studies of depth offered to girls of high school/college age. I determined to write a book that would encourage girls like me to be serious in their pursuit of God. I chose to focus on the lives of young, single women in Scripture, because through their stories, I understood that God can reach right down into the very normal life of any girl who loves him, bringing his beauty and grace to bear in the world through her obedience. This was the idea I wanted to present by creatively telling the stories of Bibical young women, examining the habits of character and response that made them the spiritual heroines they are.

Ten years later, my goal is the same. But I have had a good amount of time to deepen my convictions, to understand the struggle that comes with following God, and the challenges of loneliness, frustrated ideals, and seeming isolation that beset many girls today. I have greatly rewritten the stories and crafted entirely new Bible studies. My focus is the inward journeys and hard choices required in the lives of the young women in my book. Choices of beauty, sacrifice, celebration, and courage made these women the heroines they are, and I believe this book will challenge contemporary young women to the same ideals.

Slated for a spring release with Apologia Press.

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