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Reading for a Stormy Evening

Ah, the sky is violet tonight and the air chill as autumn. A queenly storm has swept into our mountains with benevolence in her hand. Gold light spatters the horizon, silver droplets star the trees, and the sky is awhirl with purple velvet. I have no doubt there will be storms (and starlight!) in heaven for there is so much clean blown grace in them. Such news of goodness in the wet air. I have two cross-postings to share tonight.

First, I have just started writing for a marvelous new blog called The Story Warren. The tagline is "allies in imagination." Don't you want to visit it just reading that? I have a post up there called The Gift of An Outdoor Soul:

And last, I have one of the last of my Oxford posts up at The Rabbit Room. This one is on my hero, C.S. Lewis, "The Humble Scholar."

May an evening of storm and good books and hot coffee be yours tonight, as I hope it will be mine.