Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


Couldn't keep it to myself...

I listened to this piece as I raced the dawn down the mountains on an early morning errand. I share it because its a glory. I also share it because I just had a lively conversation with a new friend about the way that beauty both causes, and embodies what is virtuous. Beauty requires something excellent of us. This music certainly challenges something in me to rise to its keening heights. I also had to share a conversation I had with my coffee shop man (I needed a white chocolate cappuccino to aid my early-morning driving) about the fact that one part of your brain will only respond to your own voice. "So," he said, "to some extent, you get to narrate your life because your brain responds to the story you tell about yourself." Of course. God meant us all to be excellent storytellers. I'm still beaming.

I had to share this conversation with you because I thought you might want to think about this throughout your day. And, going back to the notion of virtue and beauty twined together, maybe the music will challenge you (it did me) to tell, and live, an even better story today.

I feel rather radiant with life this morning. Beauty and goodness and truth - they all come so companionably together. Maybe a little music and a jolt of thought will set you beaming too. A grand day to you all.