Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


I Shall

Someday, when I am ready to rest from adventuring, I shall live in a cabin next to a stream. Like this one. Mountains shall ring it with quiet, starlight guard it, and the wind freely wander through the open door. I shall go barefoot. I shall have a garden, a cottage sort. I shall wander the afternoon hours away and get gloriously sunburnt. I shall learn the oldest tunes of the water, and sip my tea to their singing. I shall watch, just watch, for many hours, until I am still as the mountains. I shall listen, just listen, for many days, until the birds and the wind and the swift-tongued water teach my their symphony. I shall pick blackberries by the stream and gather apples in wild orchards. I shall dry herbs and weave baskets. I shall speak not a word for days.

And I shall be wildly happy...