Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


Waving as I go...

Hello gentle readers and lovely friends. I am in my first week of classes at Wheaton and have not yet had an extra second to draw breath. Or blog. Both shall, I hope, happen soon. But, I did do an interview with a learned and lovely friend whose blog I highly recommend. We talked all about books. And what it means to be a soul that is story-formed.

You can find the first bit here: Story-Formed: an Interview with Sarah Clarkson (part one)

And the second part here: Story-Formed: an Interview with Sarah Clarkson (part two)

Part three shall follow on her blog soon.

And here, as my wave, is a beaming photo hello from my mom and me, just through with our Russian tea as we explored Chicago. We are quite the adventuresses. Cheerio lovelies.