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Christmas in Cadence :: 1 :: Dick Davis

Let the posts of Christmas poetry begin! Culling a few favorite Christmas poems to post here is one of my favorite blogging activities. I have some beauties this year. May the words set music to your heart and day. A Christmas Poem

by Dick Davis

One of the oxen said "I know him, he is me - a beast Of burden, used, abused, Excluded from the feast - A toiler, one by whom No task will be refused: I wish him strength, I give him room."

One of the shepherds said "I know him, he is me - a man Who wakes when others sleep, Whose watchful eyes will scan The drifted snow at night Alert for the lost sheep: I give this lamb, I wish him sight."

One of the wise men said "I know him, he is me - a king On wisdom's pilgrimage, One Plato claimed would bring The world back to its old Unclouded golden age: I wish him truth, I give him gold."

Mary his mother said "I know his heart's need, it is mine - The chosen child who lives Lost in his Lord's design The self and symbol of The selfless life he gives: I give him life, I wish him love."

From the collection The Covenant (1984).



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