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Trailer for Nate's Movie!

In the past year, I have been so proud of my brother Nate as I have watched him create and craft his new movie, Confessions of A Prodigal Son. Nate was always a storyteller with an inborn love of a good tale even when we were growing up. Nate and I were read-aloud friends who savored great books, and when he began to write books himself, I knew he would spin a great yarn. Words poured out of his vibrant mind into stories of courage and bright swords and adventure. It's no surprise to me that his work now is to make stories come to life. But it sure is a delight to watch. So here's the teaser trailer for the movie, complete with music by my other brilliant and oh-so-artist brother Joel. If you enjoy this glimpse of Confessions, it would be the best favor in the world if you would share and post the trailer so we can get the word out as Nate begins to promote this film. And here's the FB page in case you're curious.