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My Facebook Solution

After a summer off Facebook, I logged in for a few days to share some big news with friends and decide how to proceed regarding my future Facebook involvement. The dilemma that became clear over the summer is that I very much want to be able to share small beauties, the little ones that won't make it into a real blog post; book suggestions, photos, art, quotes, poems. To offer out again the beauties that "stab my soul awake" is one of the underlying goals of this blog and, really, of my life. Also, I want to keep friends updated as I travel and write (and oh, I'm going some interesting places this year, but more on that later). But I am adamant that I do not want to submit myself again to the information stream of the FB world, a deluge of details whose scrambling of my mind I just cannot seem to prevent.

So I've thought. Schemed. Dreamed and prayed. And I've stumbled upon a solution, one that involves my blog here and any of you readers who care to join me.

Here's my plan: I'm going to nix my personal page for good. But I'm starting a public page where I can share the beauties I find that it would seem miserly not to offer out again. My Facebook page will basically be a smaller version of this blog, a place where I can post photos, songs, books, quotes, the little gems that come amidst ordinary days like a swift trill of birdsong, or a brief minute of ruby dawn. I won't be interacting much, just sharing. My goal is for that page to be a source of small wonders, a place for any who visit to find nourishment and perhaps even an instant of quiet amidst the busyness of the day.

Here's what I figure: if the internet is inescapably present in modern existence, then I'm going to do everything I can to shape it into a conduit for reminders of the ancient ways of earth and art, home and friendship, song and story. I'm going to rule it, as a queen does the realm she has been given. If Facebook there must be, then I will bend its unruly will to my own goal to restore hush, kindle wonder, live thoroughly alive to the vibrant world, the ancient rhythms God made for our daily nourishment. If you want to join me, I'd be delighted. Go here, or just click through the photo below.

And may beauty attend your way this late summer day.


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