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Book Release Today: The Lifegiving Home!

Hello friends. Goodness, its been a crazy while since I've written. But today, I have a delightful announcement... lghbooksI'm deeply glad to announce the release of my mom's and my new book, The Lifegiving Home! This book has been so many years in the imagining, because its been a work that had to be lived before it was written. I would love for you to celebrate with me. My mom is hosting quite a series of festivities over at her blog, so please join the party if you want. It will be grand. Go HERE to sign up.

And do take a look at the new book HERE. If you decide to order a copy, I'd love to hear your thoughts here. The more I bop around the world and settle in random new cities, the more I love the concept and work, the kingdom creation that is a home made right in the dark corners of the world. I would love to know your own thoughts if you read the book, and would love to know how you are creating home, crafting corners of the kingdom come wherever you happen to be.

Celebrate with me today... I have to admit, its a pretty joyous thing to see a book take flesh and make its first foray into the world...



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