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Launch Day Headquarters: Your Guide to the Book Girl Festivities TODAY


Book Girl is here!

Oh goodness, friends and world, it's here! Book Girl is making her way into the wide and wild world this very day and I have to admit, I am pretty darn excited. It's a startling thing to see something that has simmered and hummed in the back of your mind for years arrive in your hands as a bound book, a little parcel containing the truth you yearn to give the world. In honor of that arrival, I'm hosting a whole day of literary delight and giveaway fun. Oh friends, please join me throughout the day at all the events listed here, and thank you for all your encouragement along the way! Let the festivities begin:


1. Book Girl Launch Live Event!
Tonight, from the cozy corners of my tiny Oxford living room, crammed as it is with bookshelves, I'm hosting a launch party with my Mom. We will have such bookish fun complete with candles lit and favorite books piled round and something delicious nearby. Gather your own friends and join us. A tentative outline for our evening includes:
- Read aloud from my favorite passages of Book Girl.
- Live giveaway of Book Girl to those attending the event.
- A tour of my bookshelves including quotes from the books I most love
- Your questions answered - you can submit them today through the story in my Instagram (@sarahwanders)
- My mom and I sharing what it means to us to be book Girls
- My mom and sister Joy sharing about a few of their favorite books.
It will be such fun! Join us on my Instagram Live (@sarahwanders) or my mom's Facebook Live ( at 9pm British time or 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central, 2pm Mountain, 1pm Pacific.


2. Tyndale's Grand Prize Giveaway: 12 of My Favorite Novels
Oh friends, this is a marvelous prize. My publisher, Tyndale Momentum is giving away all 12 books from the first booklist in Book Girl: 'The Beloved Dozen: The Novels That Taught Me How to Live'. You can enter up to 6 times (!), and the contest will be open until next Monday.


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.42.18.png

3. 'Book Girls Read Together' Launch Day Read-Along and Artwork Giveaway
I'm really excited about this and would love for you all to join me. The post (HERE) from yesterday outlines it in detail, but here's the recap: I'm inviting you to join me today (launch day, September 4th) in setting aside 30 minutes for reading (with hot cuppa of course). Then, take a picture of your reading moment, and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #bookgirlsreadtogether. Your post will be your entry to win a print of Breezy Brookshire's new Book Girl inspired piece of art OR your own copy of Book Girl. Plus, we shall together create a gallery of reading moments with kindred spirits around the world. How can you resist?



4. Book Girl Painting Giveaway
I'm darn excited about this one too (heck, let us be honest, I'm just delighted with it all today). In honor of Book Girl's launch I've commissioned a piece of artwork by Breezy Brookshire, who has charmingly captured the quintessential Book Girlish moment. To enter this contest, you need to sign up for my email list either here at the blog or through the link in my bio on Instagram, PLUS, either tag a friend on Instagram or share this post to your preferred social media platform



5. Podcasts galore!
Today, I am delighted to be a guest over at the Open Door Sisterhood Podcast. Oh friends, I so enjoyed this interview and was deeply encouraged by our talk. Head on over and join the conversation at the Open Door Sisterhood. 
:: LISTEN HERE: Hey Sister! How Reading Changes Your Life with Sarah Clarkson
Also, my mom and I have done a series of podcasts on Book Girl and the joys of reading. If you haven't caught up on the most recent ones (I talk about how Tolkien saved my faith) or want to start from the beginning, take a look:
:: LISTEN HERE: How Tolkien Saved Sarah's Faith
:: LISTEN HERE: Book Girl: Shaping Your Life Story, Imagination, and Choices with Sarah
:: LISTEN HERE: Becoming A Book Girl, with Sarah and Sally

6. Order Book Girl today and still get the pre-order benefits through the end of launch day!
If you haven't yet ordered a copy, you can go HERE to order the book and to get your pre-order bonuses of five extra reading lists and three darling printable quotes prepared by my publisher. I'll keep the form up through the end of today. Last chance! 

Finally friends, follow me on Instagram (@sarahwanders) as I'll be posting updates, maybe even an extra giveaway or two, and fun stories and quotes throughout the day. Oh, and the Book Girl playlist is below, just for your fun. Thank you so much for your encouragement, support, and just the delight of sharing this celebration with you. I hope to see you tonight at the live event and I hope your day is full of loveliness... and of course, some great books!