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Random Thoughts From a Starbucks in York, Nebraska

It's a long way from Michigan to Colorado. Nebraska is almost as flat as Kansas. I was trying to avoid this.

I need more coffee.

If you are at home, please have a cup of tea and read something interesting since I can't.

I love friends who give me books. Lots of books. You know who you are and I thank you.

Seven and a half more hours; I think I can do it. But I will avoid doing it for at least the five minutes it takes to write this post.

I really like Thomas Merton. I like his story as I listen to it in my book on tape. I want to read his book and all the books he read. Anyone ever heard of The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy, or Art and Scholasticism? Me neither. But now I have and I'm gonna read them.

Car trips force one to eat ridiculous amounts of food. There is just no other way to stay awake.

I'm a nomad at heart. I'd forgotten that.

The farmland hills of eastern Pennysylvania stole my breath away.

I love kids. Especially four rambunctious ones who have promised me letters. I'll be watching for them.

I need to get on the road.

Fare thee well.

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