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I Need Me Some Rhythm

Writing comes easier when life has an underlying beat. Music needs a cadence to drive it forward and weave it together, and the making of words, I find, needs the same.

So. I've decided to give a bit of rhythm to this blog. You all know how off-beat I am at the moment; one post here, a flurry there,  or more likely, no posts at all for far too long. So. Here's my solution, and here's what will be happening on this ole blog of mine.

I'll post thrice a week.

First post: a good old fashioned essay. Early in the week. Something along the lines of all the things I usually ponder as I putter about my days: books, beauty, music, travel, wonder made, and days enriched and family happenings, or whatever happens to make me see red (hopefully not too many of those).

Second post: books! I have a couple hundred books listed as "read" in my goodreads feed, and I'm going to go through and write at least a paragraph or two about each. Midweek, mini-reviews basically, to jolt my own memory and record for posterity just why I love the books I do. I'll include 3-4 a week.

Third post: A picture and quote. Something to start the weekend well.

Perhaps I'll get all creative as I do this and come up with zippy names for these categories. We'll have to see. But it is fun to get them in place. To step into a rhythm of writing and slowly, tentatively give a little whirl of thought in the freedom structure brings.

Essay coming soon. Have a beautiful day!