Thoroughly Alive

We must hunger after the beautiful and the good...


"Tell me Sarah. Why aren't you writing?"

With those words, my friend pried open a shut place in my heart that very much needed sunlight. She helped me to ask the question of myself, to look hard and sharp into the eyes of my own soul until it gave its answer back.

My soul and I are still talking about that one, and I shall talk to you about it soon.

But I am writing again.

Oh am I ever writing.

And here's the thing - God (truly, it is God, I could never have managed, planned, or schemed this up on my own) has given me a month in a place I've longed dreamed of going in order to start a novel that I've long dreamed of writing.

A story of war. Of legend. Of family. Of darkness and the way it can be woven and spun and utterly changed by light.

I'm so excited. Can you guess where I am? More to come soon, for I'm going to obey my friend and get back to blogging.


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